I will live out my cyborg dreams, and i cannot be stopped.

March update

My cat likes to fight cables. My keyboard is a wired keyboard. This has gone about as well as you'd expect, so I've been using my PC much less than I'd like.

January update

My current setup is really nice, and I'm happy about it. Right now I have each keyboard half as a seperate contraption, like so:

  • I have scraps of yarn converting the tenting holes into uh, connect-y bits.
  • Those have a piece of webbing strapped around. Each keyboard has two straps: a short one on the inner side, and a long one on the outer.

I'm happy about it, and it works well on a budget. My main gripes are the yarn scraps do stretch out slightly, and I don't yet know how to make the straps tension adjustable. They don't particularly need to be, but it would be nice.

There's also the unthought of issue of leg sweat. My legs are going to sweat, and if I'm not wearing pants that's going to be directly onto my keyboard. It's not an exposed PCB or anything, but its super gross and probably not good long term.

In the interim, I just wear a pair of 3/4 tights underneath my shorts, or when I'm at home, I just wear my longer (but still cool) pajama shorts.

Future improvements would be to switch to a whole new keyboard altogether: I love my Iris dearly, but its flaws are a bit annoying in my setup.

I'd love a wireless keyboard, and one with a custom case that better fits my needs. Maybe some built in slots, that are a good size for my webbing. But I don't have soldering equipment, or skills, so that one's a "some day" plan. I also don't have the money for a new keyboard so soon after getting this one, it's only been a few years.

December update

With the keebio iris, no matter what I'm stuck with a TRRS cable between the two halves. I eventually plan on getting a different keyboard, but until then that's what I have.

The current experiment is to use backpack webbing. My model of keyboard has M6 bolt sized tenting holes, which is decidedly not shaped like backpack webbing. So for now I use a carabiner hooked into that hole, and sew a strap that connects to a carabiner on one end, and a backpack clip on the other.

Arguably, if I'm still going to deal with a TRRS cable regardless, I probably don't need a backpack clip, and in practice it's barely used. But these are things you only realize when you start writing them down, I guess.