Here's everything that's changed and changing in my life lately. The idea is that if we haven't spoken in 6 months, this is the kind of stuff I wanna tell you about.

Old web pet games, my beloved

I used to play PokéFarm back in the day, and I recently got the itch to try it out again. It might have already been like it, and I was just too young to care, but it's got a lot of microtransactions and "pay to not spend weeks grinding", that I am just not a fan of.

Thus began my quest to find a different pet sim that scratched that itch. Turns out PokéFarm was inspired by a different site, Global PokéDex Plus, and I like that site a lot more. I've only been on it for a few hours as of writing, but I like it enough to add little links to my Pokémon all over my website. You can feed them if you want, but don't feel pressured to. Even if this one is like, really cute.

Feed Dave the Drampa

His name is Dave, by the way.

...mimuki employment arc?

As part of my personal hell of "I'm too disabled to work, but not disabled enough for the government to let me not work", if I want to keep having an income, I need to be working on self improvement to make me more employable. Part of that was applying to volunteer work which for the most part, were positions no one would hire a disabled man for. But I got a job! I now have government mandated knitting, and I need to keep knitting or risk losing my income.

As dystopian and miserable as that is, I like to knit, and I was gonna do it anyway, so at least there's that. And I'm supporting an organization that (among other things) supports rural & Indigenous communities, so at least its morally good work, unlike most.

Insert funny Wii pun here

I have owned a wii for a long while now, but only recently found the money to buy the adapter I needed to use it with my monitor! Really excited to play some games I feel nostalgic about.

Wheelchair upgrades, baby!

I recently set up a ko-fi, and got a surprising amount of support there. With that I've replaced my casters for some glittery gold ones, and got some pre-loved brakes working. This chair is always in a state of falling apart, but this extra money has meant that I can buy extras of the most fragile pieces (mainly screws that like to rust or get stripped), which is such a reassuring experience.

Self improvement, but like, the cool kind

I've been more strict on my relationship with social media, and it's been an interesting challenge. I have my phone set up so that all my go-to chat apps redirect me to my notes, and I instead microblog to the void about what's on my mind. It's interesting, and actually pretty fun. I'm still social media-ing on my PC as normal, but the idea is to make it more of a "destination" than it normally is. If you've been wondering why I've been less "around", that's potentially why.

My self control with maintaining this has been...less than great, but it's an insightful process regardless.