Commune with the webmaster from the comfort of your own home. I guess. Keep in mind that I'm thoroughly rubbish at one on one conversation, and if we share a community I'll generally prefer contacting you there.

Social media (derogatory)

If we don't know you, we have a public account at, so feel free to say hi there. is our "main account" on the fediverse, but it's also just for friends and people we know already. If that's you, just send us a message with your follow request if you use a different username there, so we know who you are.

We're also experimenting with XMPP, so if that's your jam, go pester Just be warned we uh, don't actually know how XMPP works and are still figuring that out.

If all of those websites catch fire, (or you can't do regular social media) send us mail at (this domain minus the .net) If you'd like to contact me via Wii Mail, or some other esoteric contact method, ask us about it.