Keep in mind that I'm thoroughly rubbish at one on one conversation, and if we share a community I'll generally prefer contacting you there.

Social media (derogatory)

@rats @myfriendsare .gay is our main account on the fediverse, but it's also just for friends and people we already know. If that's you, just send us a message with your follow request if you use a different username there, so we know who you are. As of writing (03/2023) it's still actively used and is your best way to get in touch.

We're also @mimuki @toki .social, which is an account we use less frequently, and almost exclusively in toki pona at that. But everything we post there is public before it automatically self destructs, so feel free to follow us there. It's not my favourite instance, but its where a lot of toki ponists are.

If both of those websites catch fire, send us mail at (this domain minus the .net) @proton.me. If you'd like to contact me via Wii Mail, or some other esoteric contact method, ask us about it.

Beyond anything we tell you about in private, we don't really have much of an online presence social media wise. We use Discord, but that account is one we don't hand out often; one-on-one coversations are stressful, and we prefer to linger in communal spaces. We also get antsy from being in too many discord servers, so uh. Yeah.