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I have, like, so many things that I'll swing between. Sometimes I'll go months without thinking about one of them, and then hyperfixate on them for a while, and the cycle repeats. Here are some of those things that came to mind. I also have things that I've done and enjoyed, but haven't quite made it to 'hobby' status. I don't know if or when I'll write about them, but I definitely have them.


I'm a huge fan of knitting, and have made a variety of things I'm proud of. Maybe someday I'll write about them and have a really convinient link to them here. Until then, I have this page documenting specifically the things I donate to charity. There's something special abouta task thats both complex but simple once you wrap your head around it. Taking something that's not useful on its own (balls of yarn have limited usefulness as balls of yarn), and turning it into the thing you wanted or needed. Super cool.

VR gaming

VR is also some (prohibitively expensive) tech I care about a lot. I used to make custom avatars for VRChat and Neos, and have countless hours in those games spent with strangers I'll never meet again. I also really enjoy singleplayer experiences like Vermillion, a VR painting program for all your "painting on a canvas" needs. As I play more games I might list them here. I currently play on a Meta Quest 2, and formerly used a Rift S.

Mechanical keyboards

Yet another surprisingly expensive hobby. I had a passive interest in them, and owned a Logitech fullsize keyboard. But as my physical health deteriorated, this became increasingly tough on my joints and nerve pain. TL;DR: I bought a keebio iris rev. 4, taught myself colemak mod dh, and I can still use my computer. So... yay.

Also, I have my keyboard strapped to my legs, so that's cool.