...where am I?

drawing of myself, a fair skinned Aboriginal man with a purple headscarf, tinted glasses, and a Mjölnir necklace.

This is my little corner of the internet. I'm a 23 year old full time cyborg with things I feel like sharing. My hobbies include VR games, mechanical keyboards, hitting bigots in the kneecaps, and knitting.

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The most website of all time!

Feel free to poke around, try and break things, steal ideas, and anything else that serves you well. This is my metaphorical workshop, and the door is open. (in that analogy, what are my tools? when one of my friends "borrows" a hammer and never returns it, what does that mean? what's the website equivalent to a laser printer?)

Recent changes

Cool updates will live here for a while, when I remember to.

  • Updated my Government Mandated Knitting with my recently finished shawl.
  • Updated (removed) banners to align with the passage of linear time.
  • Added some imperfect thoughts on perfection.
  • Changed the site aesthetics a little bit, because I've revamped my PC's theme and therefore must subject you all to that, too.

sike pona

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